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Custom Suits For Men

Four Looks to Try Out with a 3 Piece Suit


There is no end to the types of suits a man can buy to fit different looks. A three piece suit may seem too formal for someone people, but it's sometimes necessary. If you want to be sartorially adventurous, then the three-piece is one way to go about it. You can do numerous things with this type of suit. If you are wondering want is so different about wearing a three piece suit, you don't have to anymore. The different looks that you can manage with three piece suits are more than enough incentive.


Firstly, you can have the suit in full; that means the jacket, waistcoat and pants. Wearing the 3 piece suit is appropriate for many different occasions. If you a job interview in the works, then you can make a statement with a men's three-piece suit. You can find a suit that is slim cut and custom made. Nothing says watch out than a suit that fits perfectly. Of course, you will have the right shirt and tie to go with the whole piece.


Another look that you can try out is to wear the suit without the waistcoat. Just because it's a custom dress shirts does not mean that the waistcoat has to be always worn. The waistcoat is perfect when it's cooler outside, and you want to keep a bit warm. If the temperatures are high, the waistcoat will just make you look overdressed. The suit without the waistcoat paired with custom made shirts will give you just enough panache.


Custom made pants of a three-piece suit can be worn without the other combinations. One can wear the pants with a different jacket, or a sports jacket for an informal look. For a less intense look for a fun night, the pants can be worn with a plain custom made shirt. That is a look that is both laid-back and elegant. It is perfect for someone that doesn't believe casual is just about jeans and a t-shirt.


Men's three-piece suits can be extremely serious and formal, and they can also be dressed down. Wearing the suits with custom made dress shirts will give you the suitable look for a wedding or other black tie event. You can also be adventurous with the shirts as well and try some new colors. You don't have to stick to white shirts all the time. You can buy dress shirts online to complete that once-in-a-while formal look.